Selfies, doggos, and birbs straight to your phone

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Flashbulb is now in beta, and only available for Android (versions Ice Cream to Pie). Download the APK now to try it out. Coming to F-Droid soon!

Install version .001 now.

Quick answers

We support Mastodon and anything that implements the Mastodon client API. That includes Pleroma and PixelFed.

We do not support account creation from within the app. You must find an instance and sign up there first.

We currently have poor interaction with the Firefox Android browser after adding a new account. Open the app again and it will work.

The home timeline is ordered by date posted, newest first.

Mastodon limits the timeline to 300 statuses total, including non-media.

Flashbulb is for you

Flashbulb is Free Software. We want your feature requests and bug reports.

Submit feature requests and bug reports to the Flashbulb issue tracker on GitLab. You will need a GitLab account to do this.

All patches should be submitted as a merge request on the Flashbulb GitLab project. No patch is too small. Documentation patches are loved.

All interaction with the Flashbulb development community is governed by our code of conduct. Many more details can be found in our contributing guide. Please see our security guide if your bug report concerns a security risk.

Follow @Flashbulb@fosstodon.org for announcements (plus great pictures for your timeline).